Cozy and welcoming traditional Icelandic style turf buildings offering travelers high quality tech savvy service solutions. Laufey Welcome Centers are designed to harmonize with local surrounding neighborhoods around the country.

Open 24/7 and featuring interactive informationcharging stations for electronic cars and devices, clean restrooms, local market and Iceland’s first multilingual touchscreen vending store offering a variety of products such as hot and cold drinks, healthy food, travel necessities and souvenirs.

Since the centers are always open the parking lots will become an ideal location for overnight stays. The parking lot will feature dedicated camper and RV parking with access to electricity, and facilities for grilling and washing machines. Dumpsters will be nearby allowing visitors to dispose of garbage for recycling and RVs able to dispose of waste.



Here below you can take a 360° virtual reality tour of one of the core centers, Laufey Bakki,
a double center with a custom-designed restaurant building for the beautiful Westman Islands.


Iceland is in prime position to become a world leader in the vehicle fleet energy exchange revolution due to abundant renewable energy, ambitious governmental objectives and positive steps taken towards sustainability.

Our goal will be to play a key role in this exciting revolution with a series of next generation energy stations. The stations will provide weary travelers with amenities to charge all their energy consuming devices while enjoying a variety of services inside a warm welcome center.


Inside the centers are interactive information touch screens where visitors can access useful information about interesting destinations and services offered in the surrounding neighborhood. The information will be available in several languages along with photos and videos. Visitors will also be able to book tours and accommodations directly through the screens.

Companies, associations, organizations and clubs will be offered to advertise their products, services and special offers.


Laufey’s smart vending machines are connected to the internet and inventory monitored remotely. The payment system is displayed on a touch screen allowing users to view photos with product information in several languages. The vending machines are equipped with a variety of products, including hot and cold drinks, groceries, souvenirs and travel necessities. Emphasis is placed on quality products at low prices.


Laufey will offer fast serving high-quality coffee machines which maintain an even and steady pressure throughout the coffee brewing process. Visitors are able to choose between a wide selection of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.


The revolutionary revolving toilet from Sanitronics cleans the toilet seat, floor and the whole toilet bowl inside and out after each use, with a waiting time under 18 seconds. Visitors are welcomed with a cozy Corian toilet seat which is always completely clean and dry.
The floor is cleaned and dried under high pressure with water and degradable fragrance soap, leaving the restroom smelling fresh and clean for the next visitor. There will also be access to a large and comfortable changing table for infants. Visitors will be able to observe the cleaning process through an outside window.
Laufey’s restrooms will be open 24/7.


Local manufacturers and artisans will be given the opportunity to sell and/or advertise their goods and services. Products will not be sold in competition with established service providers in the local area. We promote cooperation rather than competition.


Laufey will focus on informational and educational material which introduces Iceland, focusing on local attractions. Companies, associations, organizations and clubs will be given the opportunity to promote themselves and advertise on the informational screens.


The centers will be monitored by security cameras and additionally offer shelter in the case of unexpected events, e.g. storms or natural disasters. Safe Travel safety monitors update travelers on changes in weather and road conditions, including road closures, accidents, heavy winds, volcanic eruption and avalanches. Information screens will play instructional videos on how to drive in varying weather conditions, e.g. in snow or on gravel, as well as how to proceed in hazardous situations.

First-aid supplies will be available at the vending machines. In the event of an actual emergency, first-aid supplies and emergency equipment can immediately be made available remotely through the vending machines, either at a discount or free of charge.

All restrooms are equipped with emergency buttons and accessible restrooms include additional safety features for the blind and visually impaired. As a result, the service centers help improve travel facilities for those with disabilities.


Halldór Pálsson


Halldór was a leading insurance salesman in Iceland before he began his publishing career, publishing world-class educational books about eighteen countries in several languages.

Halldór has also mastered the art of selling promotional material and advertising slots, and is excited to lead the sales team for this project.

Halldór was one of the founding members of ABC Children‘s Aid.

Sveinn Waage


Sveinn is an accomplished veteran in international marketing. Work includes award winning campaigns for Inspired by Iceland – official tourism board and a new marketing platform for the global leaders in digital banking, Meniga.

Four year as a brand manager for Icelands biggest wholesale and manufacturer Ölgerðin. Sveinn has a degree in Marketing and PR from the University of Reykjavik and several other university level courses and diplomas. Sveinn is also known in Iceland as a beer expert and a part time teacher at the renowned Beer school.

Tel: +(354) 698 6870
Website: LinkedIn

Davíð Elí Halldórsson


Davíð was the managing director of the promotional company Kaja Studios, which he ran with his father, Halldór, for over a decade, where he produced over 500 videos both in Iceland and Faroe Islands. David has extensive experience recruiting and managing online freelancers through the largest freelancer marketplace in the world, Upwork.



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